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Conversion API

Lead to CRM Integration

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Detailed View Forms

Conditional Forms

Consent Form

Form Parameter Tracking

Advantage+ Audience

Dynamic Ads

AI Features of Meta Ads

Instant Form Add-on

Custom Conversion with CAPI

Aggregated Events

Detailed Event Management.. and more

Get 50% Or More Profit from

Your Facebook / Instagram Lead Ads

With A Profitable Conversion Lead Funnel System in JUST ONE WEEK!

Get Quality Leads, Nurture them Well, Get More Sales & Profit with

Lead Generation, Nurturing & Conversion using a Conversion Lead Funnel; Explained And Demonstrated in a
7 Days Live ONLINE Workshop


Starts: 5th May 2024  (Sunday)
Ends: 12th May 2024  (Sunday)
Timing: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (IST)
Mode: Live Interactive Zoom Meetings
(Recording Of The Workshop Will Be Available In Members Area Of Profit Funnel Academy)

TEN Unique Things About this Workshop

Pay once, repeat this workshop every month if you need updates for FREE

Get your doubts cleared, then and there in the worokshop

Active WhatsApp Support Group - even after the workshop ends

Workshop Conducted by a real-time Agency Owner with 25+ years of cumulative experience in tech and marketing

Learn all types of ads, including non-lead ads also

Real Time Case Studies and Examples

Launch Your Ads while the workshop is in progress

Build and Fix your funnels live during the workshop

Get updates on Meta Ads through active WhatsApp groups - LIFETIME

Profile of the participants who have benefited from the  earlier Profitable Facebook Lead Funnel Workshop?

B2B Companies

Educational Institutions


Real Estate Companies

Coaches, Consultants & Trainers

SaaS Companies

Digital Agency Owners & Marketers

Business Owners

Independent Agents

Lead generation is essential for every businesses, but

Do you face any of the following problems and Need A Solution?

“I am not able to generate quality leads”

“I am not getting enough leads”

“I am getting leads but most of them are fake or irrelevant”

“People are not picking up my calls or replying to my messages”

“Leads do not have an urgency”

“The lead is interested but does not have the budget”

Well yes, everyone faces the above problems, there is a solution to the above,

And moreover, even if the above problems are solved, you don't just need leads, you need Sales and PROFIT!

This Course Is Hands-On And Practical. We’ll Focus On Creating Facebook Lead Ads, Rather Than Spending Time On Theory.

Learn how to create a highly converting Facebook ad from scratch, specific to your business to generate leads

Learn how to follow up with old & new leads through email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or SMS to convert them to paying customers

Learn the art of selling and converting potential clients to paid customers

Learn how to find your ideal customer & create a compelling offer for your product

10+Facebook Lead Ad Case Studies from different industries

Learn how to create automated WhatsApp & Messenger bot sequences to generate leads on autopilot

Live guest sessions by industry experts in Education, Health, Real Estate, Health, Coaching & SAAS

20+industry specific templates to be used

500+ Participants from previous batches got their profit, next is you!

Prabhjeet made 5 Crore+ in a year using this method

V Sridhar Selks Multi Crore Properties in Bangalore 

Piyush Malpure established his Marketing Agency after learning this techniques.

Mugunthan Converted 1200+ Clients For His CA Farm every year

Leo Sold 100 Spots Of His Workshop In One Week

Ancy set up her creative agency after learning from this workshop

Raman used this method to get clients and now runs a successful marketing agency

We ourselves use this method to get 2/3 high ticket cients every month for Buzet

& Many More Success Stories

Here's What You Will Learn Inside
The Workshop


Understanding Lead Funnels

Drawing the Complete Lead Funnel Map

Mapping out a plan the right way to publish Facebook lead ad campaigns

Deep dive into into understanding about your business USP

Understanding your key metrics to measure your campaign performance

Competitor analysis and learning what your competitors are doing in the market


Lead Generation Using Landing Pages

Building your landing page for lead collection

Conversion Lead Ad Set Up

Lead Collection and Automation

Building trust and selling / appointment booking in thank you page

Custom Conversion Tracking and Pixel Optmization


Lead Generation Using Instant Forms, Call, WhatsApp And Messenger

Lead Generation Using Instant Forms

Lead Generation using WhatsApp, Messenger and Calling Ads

Understanding and Customizing Instant Forms in detail

Building trust and selling / appointment booking in thank you page

Creating Custom Audiences from Lead form behaviours


Conversion Leads With CRM Integration

Linking CRM With the Lead Ads

Collecting Lead in CRM

Linking Conversion API with CRM

Optimizing Conversion Leads with pass-back data to Facebook

Automations Inside CRM, Custom Audience Creation


Lead Nurturing & Automation

Lead Scoring Techniques

Lead Segmentation

Creating Marketing Messages for each segment

Creating Offers for each segment

Sell, Upsell, Downsell or Cross-sell to each segment

WhatsAppp Automation

Email Automation


Remarketing And Retargeting

What retargeting & remarketing & how does it work?

Types of audiences available that can be used for retargeting or remarketing

Creating a Facebook remarketing & retargeting campaign

Understanding what type of messaging required for retargeting & remarketing ads based on which stage of buyers your customer is on the buyer's journey


Sales & Persuasion Techniques, Profit Optimisation

Sales Techniques

Persuasion Techniques

How to optimize your budget to get better results

Tracking your overall ad campaigns results

Optimizing your ad campaigns to get better quality leads

Coming up with new ad ideas

Screenshot of a few lead campaigns & their results from our ad manager (Will discuss these case studies while the class is on, will share swipe files for relevant participants)

Batch Dates : 5th May 2024  To 12th May 2024
Time: 7:00 PM To 9:00 PM (IST)
(Recording Of The Workshop Will Be Available In Members Area Of Profit Funnel Academy)

Get SIX Essential Bonuses For FREE
(You Evaluate How Much Worth It Is)



Master the Art of
Sales & Copywriting

Learn proven techniques to captivate your audience, craft compelling sales messages, and close deals with confidence. Elevate your sales game and achieve extraordinary results.


Convert other leads
On Facebook

Discover effective strategies to nurture and convert your leads into paying customers, maximizing the potential of your Facebook advertising campaigns. Transform your leads into a profitable customer base using Facebook advance targeting strategies.


Live Sessions with
Industry Experts

Gain invaluable insights from industry experts in our live sessions. Get direct access to their expertise, knowledge, and guidance to take your business to new heights. Interact, ask questions, and learn from the best in the field.


Junk Leads to Paying

Learn how to effectively identify, qualify, and nurture leads to turn them into valuable customers. Optimize your lead generation efforts and boost your bottom line.


Using Google for
Facebook Ads

Uncover advanced strategies and techniques to enhance your Facebook ad campaigns using Google's advertising tools, driving better targeting, reach, and results.


Facebook Campaign
Case Studies

Dive into real-world Facebook campaign case studies and learn from successful examples. Gain practical insights, analyze strategies, and adapt proven tactics to optimize your own Facebook campaigns for maximum impact and ROI.

Learn The Right Way to Closing a Sale via Profitable Facebook Lead Funnel

Don't Just Do Facebook Lead Ads, but Build a FACEBOOK LEAD FUNNEL and a PROFITABLE ONE!

This Seven Days Workshop will take you through the process and steps to achieve profit from Facebook Lead Ad Campaigns with a funnel. You not only get good leads, but also get profit.
And, all the strategies discussed inside the workshop are based on my 6 years of experience working with 300+ business owners across different industries.
Hence all of the content are practical knowledge that has been personally tested by me for myself and my clients in my marketing agency and we have got great results.

THAT IS NOT ALL! I have more for you! THREE MORE Bonuses (Value will be based on your use)

Keep learning, keep earning, keep making profit. We don't leave you alone after the workshop and be with a community who constantly experiment, get result and share!


Get your magical one page business blueprint which guides you to get more clarity, execution and profit ultimately!


LLL - Life Long Learning - Get Life Long Access to the Profit Funnel VIP Group and learn along 500+ business owners


Save life long deals and save money on tools and software useful for your Facebook Marketing Journey

Life Long access to our Exclusive Facebook Group & Live Doubt Clearing Sessions

Post Your Queries In Our Facebook Group And Get It All Answered In My Weekly Live Doubt Clearing Sessions EVEN AFTER Your Live Classes Are Over.

Eliminate guess work & plan your Facebook Marketing Campaign the right way!

Unable to see profit yet? Let's make something great together. If you got any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Batch Dates:  5th May 2024 - 12th May 2024  : 7:00 PM To 9:00 PM (IST)
(Recording Of The Live Workshop Will Be Available In Members Area)

Get this for a one-time cost of ₹ 17,999/-


On an average a standard Facebook Lead Ad Campaign is budgeted at INR 10,000 per week and if you run ads for TWO WEEKS, you get back your cost of this workshop (50% better result). And the Profit is all yours! In case you are not convinced after running ads for a month, get back to us and we will refund! No questions asked!

Batch Starts in


A Note About Shibaram Mishra

When someone asks Shibaram, “what do you do?”, he replies,

“I help people and business grow”.

Shibaram runs two successful agencies CosmoQuest (established in the year 2002) and Buzet (established in the year 2018). 

Buzet is a Facebook & Google Partner Agency with a team of 18 skilled and experienced people and have served more than 300 clients till now.

Shibaram has also been featured by Meta (Facebook for Business) as an agency partner, showing exceptional growth in Facebook Ads, and also getting partner support like training, knowledgebase support and financial support from Meta for growth. 

He is also Indian Institute of Management Certified Digital Marketer with 20+ years of experience in web, software development, business development and digital marketing. Shibaram had the opportunity to work with 300+ small business owners as well as international organizations like United Nations.

He is also a trainer and served as a Guest Faculty for IIM Jammu, and taught Digital Marketing.  

I have worked with

Testimonials From Live Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Workshop Schedule :

5th May 2024  (Sunday) -12th May 2024 (Sunday)
Time : 7:00 PM to 9:00PM (IST)
(Recording Of The Live Workshop Will Be Available In Members Area)
Will this course work if I totally new to Facebook Ads

Yes. This course assumes that you know nothing about Facebook ads and takes you step by step in explaining all the concepts without making you feel overwhelmed with all the technicalities involved

What If I have some queries while going through the course?

No worries! We lifelong access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can get all your queries answered

Will this work for my business?

Yes! If your business is a type of business where one requires a constant flow of leads & proper follow up in order to grow your business that this course is definitely for you

Do I need to a tech-savy to understand the content of the course?

Not at all. All the software mentioned are fairly simple to use

How long is the course

It is a 7 day live workshop with a duration of one plus hours each

I am not convinced and need to ask some more questions

No problem! Shoot me all your questions at gmail@shibaram.com & I would be more than happy to answer them


What's Really More Costly?

Not having a robust funnel and loosing money OR this workshop fees?

Imagine the cost of making losses and loosing clients by:

🗑️ Generating Junk Leads
📉 Attracting Low-Quality Leads
💸 Pouring Money into Ineffective Ads
⏳ Spending Endless Hours on Unproductive Ad Strategies
🤷‍♂️ Your Sales Team Wasting Efforts on Unqualified Leads
🕳️ Operating Without a Robust Sales Funnel
🚫 Losing Potential Clients
🔻 Watching Your Profits Go Down
📚 Delaying Your Business Growth

🌟 Or is it Not Investing in Something That Could Change All That? And Teach you how to:

✅ Transform Junk Leads into Golden Opportunities.
✅ Enhance Lead Quality & Boost Conversion Rates.
✅ Maximize Your Ad Spend ROI.
✅ Optimize Ad Strategies to Save Time & Money.
✅ Equip Your Sales Team with High-Value Leads.
✅ Build an Efficient & Effective Sales Funnel.
✅ Retain More Clients, More Often.
✅ Accelerate Profit Growth.
✅ Set Your Business on a Path of Continuous Growth.

Increase Your Conversion Rates & Generate More Revenue and Profit For Your Business

Profitable Meta Conversion Lead Funnel Live Workshop

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30+ Templates
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14 hours of live training
Life time access to upcoming PFLF Live Workshops 
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Access to Profit Funnel Library

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